Start your healing today with spring bulbs

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Hello and welcome to your first healing lesson. We really can make a difference in our own lives or the lives of others by bringing life into our homes and workplaces. I have plants in my office, and they bring beauty and calmness to an otherwise blah space. 

Today we are going to talk about spring bulbs and the benefits from bringing them into your home or workplace 

photos by Liz Donnelly

Bulbs are an excellent choice because they are very easy to work with. They are sturdy plants, and so this makes them great for beginners and children.
This display is also very inexpensive and relatively long-lasting.

1st Step; is to find containers, I used mason jars here, but get creative and try bowls, tea cups, old coffee cans anything will work.

1st step is to find containers for your bulbs, I used mason jars for mine, but bowls, tea cups, old coffee cans, anything will work…get creative!

2nd Step; is to bring your containers to the place where you buy plants or flowers. Trader Joe’s, grocery stores, greenhouse, florist…even home improvement stores have bulbs already growing in dirt. The reason I bring a container is to make sure the bulb will fit in the pot, grape hyacinth will fit in anything, mini daffodils will too, but tulips are bulkier and require larger vessels. Pick bulbs that appeal to you, I like scented bulbs, and I want to have varied textures in my displays. You can do cat-grass too if you want a more modern look, just put grass in a clean-lined container.

Step 3; Add the plants to the containers. Generally, I do not need any extra soil, I just split the bulbs up and add them to my jars.

Step 4; Add the finishing touches, moss, branches, bark, twine or just admire your creation! I like adding nests, eggs, and little birds to my displays.

Please let me know if you like this project. I know it will bring beauty, life, fragrance, color, and texture to your home or office. What you might not expect are the therapeutic benefits. Please send pictures and comments I would love to see what you have done!

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