Spring has entered my soul. Unfortunately, it has not come to my state. Maine is not showing signs of spring yet, it snowed this morning. This is a bit depressing, so I decided I would bring the flowers and birds into my house, since they were not cooperating outside.

Even though I practice floral therapy, sometimes the therapist is the patient and today that is the case!

I love these bird vases from Chive.

Here is a step by step in photos. Really quite simple, fill the vase with greens, branches, and flowers.

This little arrangement cost about $4.50 and brings me such pleasure. I needed to feel the love of the flowers. Remember you do not need to wait for someone to bring you flowers, create your own joy. You are in control of your happiness, love yourself, heal yourself, buy yourself flowers! You deserve it!

Thank you for stopping by, hope you are well. Let me know your questions, thoughts and we can work together on a floral solution.


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