These bright farm flowers arranged in jars are colorful, cheerful and youthful. This selection of flowers may not be your favorite, but they do convey happiness. I grew up with a lot of marigolds and zinnias, and I never liked marigolds. My mother used them in the vegetable garden to keep pests away from the vegetables.

When I was researching the symbolism and healing benefits of flowers, I came across the marigold. I found it, and it makes sense to me now why I shyed away from these flowers.

Cruelty due to jealousy
Desire for wealth
Drive to succeed
Remembrance of the dead
Sacred offerings

It also symbolized the warmth of the rising sun, so it was not all bad, and there is healing in many of these meanings. Perhaps, I have been too hard on the marigold!

Thank you for spending time with me. I hope you are well. Do you have any flowers that bring up emotions either positive or negative? Let me know your thoughts comment, email or send photos.


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