I love moss, and this has been one of my most clicked on and re-posted picture. I have it on Houzz, and it is featured up by bloggers and writers all the time. Moss has a very calm influence on its surroundings, its earthy smell and varied textures make it one of my favorite floral arranging elements. I also like using leaves, and bark in my tablescape design.

In the photo below I just added leaves to mason jars and floated tea lights, and then I wrapped candles with birch bark. It was just a simple project but it added life to the candles.

Designer: Celia Bedilia Photo: Liz Donnelly

This is such an easy and fun project, moss is a beautiful plant, it is lovely in fresh flower arrangements too…we will get to that!

For the candle below I just added moss and twine to a mason jar to create this rustic hurricane.

These ideas are a fun way to bring a little interest to your environment. They bring healing both with the use of the plant leaves, bark, and moss and through the candlelight. Candles set the mood and are soothing too!

How can you soften you spaces? How can you bring healing elements into your life?

Let me know your thoughts, comments, send me questions…I am here for you.


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