Majestic beauty is the phrase that comes to mind when I look at this arrangement. Purple the color of royalty, and of Lent. It is used to symbolize power, luxury, nobility, preparation, and repentance. Purple combines the calm elements of blue with the fire of red. People who are drawn to purple are creative, independent, wise, mysterious, and devoted.

It is such an active element in this arrangement. The rest of the flowers and greens step aside so that the purple can be the star. This arrangement brings its healing through its composition, the texture, colors, and fragrance all work together.

If you are having a good day, this will make it better, if your day is not going well, let these flowers bring you joy. Floral arrangements really do cure what ails you, pick some up today and let me know if they help!

Thank you for spending some of your time with me. Let me know your thoughts, comments, and ideas.

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