I am a work in progress, and I hope always to be. I experience, learn or see something new every day. I know that each day is a gift and for that I am grateful. Through my practices of mindfulness and healthy living, I have really learned to embrace the power of flowers and plants. Herbs are crucial in floral therapy. We add herbs to arrangements, extract essential oils from them and use the healing energy from them in our daily lives. This display of herbs and candles brings me peace. I hope looking at this grouping of herbs and candles makes you feel better. Take a moment to reflect on this image, wouldn’t this be lovely in your kitchen or living room. Herbs are an inexpensive way to bring the outside in.

I hope you are well, and that if you need flower therapy, you will seek it.
Let me know your thoughts and comments. This group of Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme make my heart sing.

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