Where Focus Goes Energy Flows, Where is Your Energy Going???

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We have all heard the saying where focus goes energy flows. I believe it!

I am committed to using flowers as therapy; I use meditation, intuition, and love to create my arrangements.

Here is my latest design, a centerpiece for my 4th of July table. Everything came from my garden; each item brings a different element to the piece.

Ladies Mantle used to help inflammation in wounds, the peonies symbolize prosperity, and good fortune, the snapdragon represents inner strength and truth-telling, the catmint instills independence. Perfect for Independence Day, an arrangement that brings wealth, emotional power, and autonomy.

As you celebrate Independence Day, where is your focus going?

I am getting ready to entertain friends & family. I will be grilling fresh vegetables and chicken, and making a few salads.

I hope you are enjoying food, flowers, family and friends.



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