Choose flowers that reflect your personality for your big day.

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Are you a perfectionist? Then maybe Roses are the best flowers for your bouquet. They are perfect little packages. What you see is what you get, crisp, clean and reliable.

Perhaps you are laid back, into yoga and nature? Then Dahlias might be a good choice for you. They are relaxed, vibrant, and beautiful!

Maybe you are feminine, sweet, and fun? Peonies are for you!!!

Are you young at heart, enthusiastic and cheerful? Tulips & daffodils might be the right choice for you.

Ranunculus or Poppies would be an excellent choice for a free spirit. They are full of movement. I love them.

Your wedding flower choices should reflect your style and personality.

Once you choose the type of flowers, you want to use; you can look at colors, texture, and vessels for your centerpiece.

It is such fun to see brides choices! I love working with all of the above!

Thank you for stopping by. What are your favorite flowers? Let me know if you like this post by commenting or liking it!



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