Carnations why did they get a bad reputation?

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As I started research for the upcoming holiday season, I asked myself the question why do people dislike Dianthus caryophyllus or carnations?

The carnation is one of the most historically important flowers. It dates back at least 2000 years and is widely believed to be the first cultivated flower. Greeks & Romans used these delicate blooms in celebrations and ceremonies. The name translates to the flower of the gods. Christians believe that the carnation grew from Mary’s tears as she wept for Jesus on the cross. This ruffled little gem also conveys many meanings through its colors; pink symbolizes gratitude, white purity, deep red love, and light red admiration.

What gave rise to the anti-carnation movement? Was it in the 70’s when Reverend Moon had his desiples pass them out at airports? Was it tied to their low price? They have a reputation of being cheap. too bad because they are several incredible varieties and colors. Some of my favorite are in the phots below.

I remember doing a pavé style centerpiece (see photo below) for a farm to table dinner, and the hosts would not even put it on the table. They were appalled by my flower selection. I personally think they are beautiful feminine flowers, especially when they are grouped tightly together as seen in the Pavé design.

Do you believe that these flowers are underrated? Let me know your thoughts!



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