I am so proud of these bouquets

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It is always bittersweet to be finished with a wedding. I am pleased that everything went as planned, but sad that it is over. This wedding was particularly hard, it was the last of three sisters. Each wedding so beautifully reflected the bride and groom. Friends often ask which wedding was your favorite, my reply is that parents do not pick favorites.

These weddings are my babies, I conceive the ideas, nourish them with help from the brides and then send them off to flourish. I cry every time I see one of my brides go down the aisle, they have become part of my daily routine and I am going to miss them.

I love to see the creativity & involvement of couples, this industry has changed so much since I started in it. The mother of the bride used to run the show, dictate the menu, decor and timeline, the bride was there more as an observer. Now the roles have reversed, and the groom is involved! It is so much more fun!

This bride and groom were lovely to work with, I really enjoyed getting to know them. The groom always had a smile on his face and makes her smile. I am very good at looking at couples now, I can see if they are a good fit, and true love is rare, these two are perfect for each other.

Dahlias, made this bouquet beautiful but the bride made it look magnificent!

Thank you Darling Photography for these amazing shots! BEST, XO, C


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