Stylish tablescapes are more critical now that we are inside all the time. This table has the vibrant colors of the season; purple is the color of lent, here I mixed deep purple ranunculus, tulips, and anemones, with white lilies and light green filler flowers and greens.

Spring is my favorite season because it is followed by summer and fall. Living in a state like Maine where winter is long, cold, and dark, I crave light and warmth. Spring is full of hope, birth, growth, and life. Spring flowers are so crisp and happy! Some of my favorite flowers are tulips, ranunculus, and anemones. I created this tablescape several years ago, and I still love it!

Symbolism behind the flowers and colors in these arrangements. Flower choices: Anemone: enjoy the moment, Ranunculus: charm and attraction, Tulip: paradise on earth, Lily: Purity. Colors: White: Purity, Purple: Royalty, Religion, and Repentance, Light Green: Hope and Rebirth.

What do you consider when arranging flowers? Do you think about color, texture or structure?

SPRING IS COMING YAY!!! Thank you Liz Donnelly for these pictures.

Happy Passover & Easter everyone.


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