What is important to you when designing a garden? What elements are crucial to your outdoor rooms? I want to add drama to my garden. I am going to include the following details; fire, water, texture, structure, and color.

I want to add an unexpected item to my design to add drama. In this case, I would like to add an old bike planted with annuals.

Ferns are one of my favorite ways to add texture to a garden bed, especially when paired with moss. A shade garden of Hostas, ferns, and moss come in many varieties and can add a restful place for the eye in a garden.

Consider a pergola or arbor in your design. Pergolas not only add structure and interest; they allow you to use climbing plants and to dine outside. There is nothing more appealing than eating under beautiful vines.

Fire is what propelled mankind from caveman to modern man. We are still memorized by the way flames dance in a fire and so I have included it as a must in any garden design.

Water is essential for a garden for many reasons; it feeds the plants and the soul of the gardener. A water element can be a simple tabletop bowl or a grand fountain.

Color is the last way to add interest to your garden. Monochromatic color schemes are all the rage at the moment, and I love this look.

By including fire, water, texture, structure, and color you have all the ingredients for a perfect garden.

Do you have any items to add to my garden recipe? If so please let me know. I am eager to get your advice.



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