Coastal Maine Wedding 2019

We are so proud of all of our weddings, but these are some of my favorite.

  1. The Veil features a understated coastal wedding. Look at the details from the basket lights, to sliding glass doors overlooking the water. for this wedding I used thousands of flowers and hundreds of candles!

2. Beautiful Bouquets unveiled below!

The Bridal Bouquet & Arbor from one of my 2018 weddings was just stunning!

3. Bridal highlights this boatyard wedding with a black-tie twist. The vibe for this wedding was structured! All of the flowers we stunning & precise. The clear glass wedding structure felt as if it was floating in the marina.

We feel so blessed to have been a part of each of these amazing events. Thank you to our team: Leavitt & Parris, Griffin & Griffin, Fox & Darling Photography, Trilliums Catering, Dockside Grille, Celia Bedilia Designs, & Harmons Delivery.

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